Friday, 27 February 2015

5 most famous people of Lithuanian descent

Although few people can name many Lithuanian celebrities, as established by my previous post, there are some individuals of Lithuanian descent that are rather famous internationally. For some reason this heritage does not seem to be something they emphasize too much, but that doesn`t stop me from outing them as being only a couple of steps away from their native kaimas:

Bob Dylan. A well-known wearer of peculiar hats

#1: Bob Dylan

World famous for singing strange songs in odd, but yet fascinating ways. Not so famous for being a descendant of Lithuanian Jews. He is also an accomplished painter and poet, and is thereby a modern day match for the Lithuanian national hero Mikalojus Konstantinas ─îiurlionis, if not for the fact that he has failed to die young. Although he seems to have tried very hard to do so.

Sean Penn. Doesn`t sound very Lithuanian

#2: Sean Penn

Actor from the US. Most famous for being Madonna’s “love of her life”, despite of being charged with abuse during their marriage. Less famous for being of Lithuanian descent on his father’s side. In recent years, he has involved himself much in political activity. After starring in the movie “Milk”, he for instance came out in support for same-sex marriages, Despite of this, I have yet to see him at the rather odd gay parade that takes place in Vilnius every three years.  

Charles Bronson during one of his more civilized appearances

#3: Charles Bronson

The tough guy from the early 80s in Hollywood, with productions like “Death Wish” and “The Dirty Dozen” under his belt. His father was Lithuanian and mother was half Lithuanian. In spite of this, it is not uncommon for people to believe him to be Asian. Perhaps because of his apparent love for sunbathing, and his modest capacity for growing facial hair.

Anthony Kiedis. Also during one of his more civilized appearances

#4: Anthony Kiedis

Red Hot Chilli Peppers vocalist. I could very much picture him driving around Lithuania in a BMW, eating cepelinai, shaking his fist at pedestrians and scaring old people. But then again, his Lithuanian ancestry is from his father’s side, so a bit of exaggerated masculinity is to be expected. Although responsible for some of the best music in the world, he is also a former drug user. Like most on this list. For some reason, none of the people on my previous list – the one about Lithuanian national celebrities – were drug users. Some sociologist will hopefully some day give me the answer to why this anomaly exists.

Brian Epstein. A prime example of how drugs can kill you, even if you support them very much

#5: Brian Epstein

Beatles manager. Another descendant of Lithuanian Jews. Although largely responsible for one of the largest success stories within popular music, he was also a well-known homosexual and drug user. Ironically, after allegedly being introduced to drugs by #1 on this list, contemporary singer Bob Dylan. So if Dylan ever gets a Lithuanian commemorative museum, Epstein should at least be awarded a corner of it. A flawed one, where the vititors impressions can end almost before they begin. 

First runner up: Leonard Cohen. Famous for singing about serious matters in a deep voice and speaking in zen riddles when not singing. Norwegians love him, by the way.

All pictures and weird facts are of course from www.wikipedia.org


  1. Good point! In terms of popularity, he should definitely be on the list. I in fact didn`t know he was of Lithuanian decent.

  2. Maria Gimbutas, George Maciunas, Jonas Mekas, Jason Sudeikis and etc...

  3. Caption for picture above states that Leonard Cohen is the 1st runner -up . 1st runner-up for what ??????

    1. Dear Mr. Anonymous. I am sorry for having confused you. By first runner up I mean that he almost made it to a place on the list, but eventually came in as number six and consequently was not included. I still felt sorry for him, and included him anyway – using terminology I learned from watching some US beauty pageant owned by Donald Trump, where those people who “don`t make it” are called “runners up”. Although, in retrospect, it might make more sense to name Cohen the 5th runner up. If so - forgive me, for I am not a native speaker. Also, I learned from Donald Trump who, judging by what the media is currently telling us, is just about the greatest moron that ever lived. So it should come as no surprise to anyone if I have misunderstood the whole “runner up” system. Anyway, thanks for responding. I respect people who feel the need to speak up when they feel something is wrong. Come back any time.

  4. Actually, all but one of the people on your list are Jewish which includes Penn, Bronson, and Cohen.